Burlington Northern Northport, WA depot (2 of 2) by TrackWalker on Flickr.

The town of Northport, located in Stevens County WA along the US-Canadian border, is a town which is known best by how hard Mother Nature tried to reclaim the land which it was built upon.

First settled in 1892, Northport was nearly destroyed by a summer forest fire that same year. Northport flourished as a railroad was built through the town but soon after, several disastrous fires and intermittent floods plagued the town. The town’s residents rebuilt after every tragedy, and finally decided to use bricks instead of wood. Because of this decision, several original buildings from that era survive to this day.

As of July 2009, there are 333 current residents of the city of Northport. What was once a smelting town, a sizable sawmill now supports the local economy.

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